סיכוני סייבר

Tax Consultation

The tax department at Rosenblum – Holtzman provides customers from all sectors with a diverse range of services based on its extensive knowledge and experience in various fields of taxation, including: tax consulting and planning in Israel and abroad, corporate taxation, mergers and acquisitions, transfer pricing, indirect taxes, real estate taxation, personal taxation for foreign and Israeli residents, and access to the tax authority’s automated processing service.

International Taxation

Rosenblum – Holtzman possesses extensive knowledge and vast experience in the international taxation sector. Contacts with our International affiliation, Morison KSi, which incorporates independent accounting firms, enable our firm to provide clients with a range of solutions and tax services in almost every country in the world. Clients can choose between ongoing continuing services and assistance in solving specific problems.

Among the services provided by the firm in international taxation:

• Developing a global and flexible tax strategy, suitable to the client’s business 
        model, allowing acquisitions and future restructuring.

• Selecting a suitable organizational structure for activities abroad, including
        assistance in choosing an optimal corporate structure.

• Examining the impact of double tax and tax benefit treaties abroad.

• Assistance in registering corporations abroad, with the help of Morison KSi
        member offices.