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Risk Management

 In this era of uncertainty, risk management has become both critical and essential. Implementing a risk management process “customized” to the organization may reduce exposure, where emphasis is placed on skills, resources and the organization’s needs.

The firm’s Risk Management Department is ready to assist corporations in implementing a risk management process, using advanced methodologies and approaches, focusing on the vision of the organization, its needs and limitations.

Services provided by this Department include:

• Operational risk survey, involving the characterization of potential risks to the organization, and evaluation and presentation of compensatory and mitigating  controls, designed to reduce such risk.

• Consultation in the establishment of a risk management process for deployment throughout the organization, interface of the organization’s information systems, identification of the material risks facing the corporation,  creation of a management knowledge report.

• Risk Survey to determine the objectives of the internal audit, in order to establish a multi – year internal audit program and to assist the company’s  internal auditor in accordance with  professional standards, while employing a risk management approach.

• Risk Survey to prevent fraud and embezzlement involving potential scenarios, characterization and identification of events involving embezzlement, and failures of existing controls in the organization, while providing recommendations to strengthen internal controls.

SOX Implementation Assistance and Goshen Guidance (I-SOX) 
The SOX implementation process comprises of several phases:

• Mapping and determining the scope of implementation.

• Documentation of processes and analysis of gaps.

• Authentication.

• Evaluating the effectiveness of controls.

• Reporting.

Rosenblum-Holtzman’s SOX consulting department –provides customers with advice and ongoing guidance in implementation of SOX sections 404 and / or 302. Such advice and guidance can be extended for all or part of the project, in cooperation with management, the auditor etc. In view of the firm’s expertise in process analysis, we are able to optimize implementation for the customer’s needs, so that the application provisions are implemented efficiently, swiftly and effectively.