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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting 
Our firm has gained a strong reputation in investigative and forensic accounting.

• Forensic Accounting is based on a unique combination of knowledge, practice,
   experience and specialized training. Members of our staff who deal with
   investigative auditing have cumulative experience of over twenty years. Special
   auditing aims at detecting and preventing embezzlement, fraud and financial
   irregularities both in Israel and abroad.

• The firm has been involved in exposing dozens of events leading to successful

One of our partners is a certified fraud examiner (CFE) from the U.S. Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Our office maintains strict confidentiality concerning any involvement with investigative auditing. This field requires secrecy and confidentiality. 
We maintain discretion and apply a “need to know” approach throughout the entire process, from referral through to the various stages of the investigation, and confidentiality with respect to its results. 
For that reason, we strictly avoid any publicity about our activities. It should be emphasized that financial irregularities and similar events in corporations are a delicate area, that require obtaining legal and financial advice. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of all those who work in this field.

Expert Opinions
The team at Rosenblum – Holtzman has substantial experience in in-depth examination and analysis of specific exceptional events, and in providing professionally prepared, expert opinions. This is of special significance for attorneys filing lawsuits based on expert opinions, as such opinions are more trusted by the courts when clearly and professionally articulated.

The firm provides expert opinions in a variety of areas, including:

• Evaluation and quantification of  financial irregularities.

• Financial disputes between partners, shareholders, etc..

• Verification of accounting reports and representations provided to insurance
   companies, banks, investors, etc.

• Financial disputes between couples involved in divorce proceedings.

• Creditor priorities and oppression of minority shareholders.

• Special expert opinions for silent/ inactive partners.

Investigative Accounting
Rosenblum – Holtzman has accumulated vast experience in investigating accounting presentations for investors, banks, insurance companies and corporations. The firm staff audits financial representations, corporate valuations and economic forecasts whenmaking an investment, for the issuance of insurance policies or loan securities. In addition,  Rosenblum – Holtzman’s association with Morison KSi helps the firm when performing investigating audits abroad.

Receiverships and Liquidations
Rosenblum – Holtzman‘s broad experience in investigative accounting and performing rapid accounting audits, provides crucial support for various appointed officials (such as: receivers, liquidators, special managers – domestic and abroad) in performing their tasks, while at the same time examining issues relating to “lifting the corporate veil”, performance of directors and detecting asset smuggling (Note: these all relate to economic and accounting audits). Occasionally, the work requires collaboration with experts in investigations who are needed to supplement the accounting and economic aspects of the audit.

Preventing Fraud
Fraud and embezzlement have recently been exposed in a wide range of industries. Rosenblum – Holzman has gained considerable experience in this field, establishing programs to prevent fraud and embezzlement (antifraud programs) that identify potential exposure in  organizations both by internal or external parties.

In addition, the firm performs a risk assessment in accordance with accepted professional standards, and outlines a structured course of action, from the Board of Directors down to the individual employee, in order to reduce and minimize exposure to fraud and embezzlement, while improving controls and recommendations for mitigating controls.