סיכוני סייבר

Auditing and accounting
(Financial Reports)

Rosenblum Holtzman & Co. has vast experience in the audit of annual and periodic financial statements including reports written in accordance with the IFRS requirements. Preparing financial statements for companies, partnerships, kibbutzim, associations, NPOs and local municipalities. The firm’s staff is committed to submitting reports on time and presenting them to the BOD, shareholders, kibbutz members, Organization members, and various Authroities as required.

The Firm Works with a wide variety of corporations: Industry, Commercial, Service-Providers, High-Tech companies, Tourism, Real estate infrastructure, Government companies, Non-Profit Organizations and more.

The firm has the knowledge and resources to provide our client with a professional service. The audits are done at top quality. The staff of the audit department have vast experience and knowledge and provide a fast, efficient and dedicated service with a personal touch. To every corporations is assigned a senior accountant and a partner, both are readily available as needed by the client.

We see every client as a strategic partner and their success is our success.