סיכוני סייבר

Finances, insurance, investments and the capital market

Rosenblum-Holtzman specializes in providing internal auditing and consultation services to large leading insurance companies in their various sectors and fields of activity including: life insurance, general insurance, health insurance, investments and implementation of SOX, corporate governance and regulation. This activity is overseen by designated partners who have worked in the field for many years gaining valuable experience and insight into such operations and how they are managed and regulated.

The firm is experienced in executing complex and unique projects for insurance companies and their secondary insurers abroad in a variety of fields while keeping track of regulatory changes, the conclusions of the Bachar Committee and the legislation that followed.

The partners and employees specialize and provide various professional services to insurance companies, such as: internal auditing, risk assessment in the prevention of fraud and embezzlement, operational risk assessment, executing assessments to determine the target and frequency of the audit, assistance in drafting working procedures, etc.

Provident and Pension Funds

Rosenblum-Holtzman has knowledge and a profound understanding of the vast regulatory requirements involved in provident and pension funds, including the laws, Ministry of Finance legislature, regulations and memorandums. The firm carries out internal audits to provident funds, sectorial provident funds and pension funds management companies. Additionally, the firm carries out unique internal audits for some of the large pension funds in Israel.

The experience and know-how accumulated at Rosenblum-Holtzman is a great asset to the internal auditors working at funds management companies in assisting them with auditing their overall activities, including the operational aspect, investments, compliance with the regulatory instructions, and more.

The firm employees are proficient at drafting working procedures for the fund management companies and adjusting the existing working procedures in accordance with the changing regulations.

Banking and Finance

Rosenblum-Holtzman has an auditing department specializing in banking finances, investment and the capital market, while adapting and working with innovative financial tools and the frequent changes in regulation.

The department employs a team of experts certified and experienced in relevant fields, such as: certified public accountants, economists and business administration graduates, expert auditors in securities transactions , lawyers with auditing experience familiar with the different regulatory requirements, experts in the field of banking and finances and the management of rights, insurance and analysis of business transactions.

The firm has vast experience analysing investments and activity in the capital market , assessment of procedures and controls including a thorough examination of the investment’s back office in large institutional corporations, such as: investments houses, members of the stock exchange, trust funds, portfolio managers, provident funds and pension funds.

Additionally, the team is proficient in the use of computerized systems implemented in the investments sector, such as: F.M.R., PRIME, and DANEL, as well as with the various operational systems used by trust funds, provident funds and numerous investment entities.

Portfolio Managers and Members of the Stock Exchange

Rosenblum-Holtzman acquired vast knowledge and know-how while working for Portfolio Managers and members of the stock exchange. The Firm acts as an internal auditor while exercising personal accountability inserving several members of the stock exchange who are non-bank brokerage firms (NBFI).

The firm carries out internal audits to ascertain the implementation of the provisions of TASE regulations and its directives, risk assessment in the prevention of fraud and embezzlement, implementation of the provisions of the law and the Money Laundering Prohibition Order. In addition the firm carries out various audits in assessing the actions of the operational department for the portfolio managers and TASE members (back and middle office).

Rosenblum-Holtzman & co. has accumulated vast experience in carrying out investigative audits to locate anomalies and breaks in the operations of portfolio managers, TASE members and other entities in the finance markets. The Firm’s staff in experienced in penetrating deeply into anomalous and various critical events.The work is is carried out by the use of specified audit software, in order to locate anomalies perpetrated during the investment process. The work is performed in tandem with the local IT department.

Underwriting Firms

Rosenblum-Holtzman has extensive experience executing risk assessment and internal audit surveys in underwriting firms. Several partners in the firm acted as internal auditors for underwriting firms and our capital markets department is an provides auditing services as an external auditor at underwriting companies.